Secure Dog Walking Facility

Welcome to Paws.

The entire site is just over 4 acres, within this we have made three enclosed areas. The boundary fence is 6 foot deer fencing, as are the dividing fences, with additional chicken fencing running the entire length.

Paws 1, is around 1.5 acres and the flatter of the two enclosures and better suited for smaller breeds, as we have added chicken wire fencing and netting to the outer fencing for additional security. There are some small agility jumps and seating is available.

Paws 2, is just over 1 acre and dips off slightly in the bottom right hand corner, due to the natural contour of the field.

Paws 3, is around an acre and has a natural contour to the right.

Fresh water is available on site and we try to keep the water bowls filled up throughout the day. This can be a little difficult during busy periods. However, just ask one of the Team and we will top them up for you.

You drive into the paddock you have booked, onto a hard standing and we close the gate behind you, ensuring your dog and yourself are secure.

If you arrive early for your booked time slot, please do not exit your car with your dog(s). Paws accommodates all personalities, including nervous, dog reactive and human reactive. These are just some examples, the list is endless. It is for the dogs safety that we ask this, and also the safety of those using the paddocks.

You can book either a 30 minute time slot for £5.00 or 60 minutes for £10.00. There is a maximum of 4 dogs permitted before there is an additional charge. If you are booking a larger group meet of 10 or more dogs please do contact one of the Team.

The time you book is for your sole use and not open to the general public. It is up to you if you wish to share with a family member or a friend. The other paddocks may be in use during your visit. At present we are open from 07:30-18:30, this will change in the Spring/Summer. If you would like to discuss a more suitable time out of these hours please do ask.

Kind Regards, Claire.

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Road Junction,
Plympton Saint Maurice,
United Kingdom

Really sorry, but we can't even do Snail Mail at the site, this is just to find us.
If you need us for anything, email, call, or grab us on facebook

Opening Times

Opening hours are daylight dependant, so obviously will be seasonally adjusted. Should you wish to book outside these times, please do get in contact with the team.




30 minute time slot for up to four dogs
£5.00 or 60 minutes for £10.00

30 minute time slot for five to seven dogs
£7.00 or 60 minutes for £14.00

30 minute time slot for eight to ten dogs
£9.00 or 60 minutes for £15.00

For more than ten dogs, please get in touch.